Past Sermons
Pastor Dwain shares an unconventional message from his living-room; The Reason for the Season. He takes on a journey through scripture in the book of Romans, Luke and Isaiah. 
Post Thanksgiving message to prepare us for the upcoming Christmas Season
Are we living our life as BOLD as Peter after the resurrection of Christ? Does our life reflect the ground shaking, chain breaking, mountain moving love of Jesus or are we merely just existing? The same spirit that rose Jesus from the grave is the same spirit that lives in us once we accept Jesus into our lives. We are called to live a life that reflects that. Acts 2
Dr. William Subash gives an update on how Covid has impacted the ministry but also the miracles that have taken place in the wake of the season. 
Spiritual Foundation – Psalm 143
Main Street Series – ROOTED PART  II
October 18, 2020
Pastor Dwain continues his Main Street Series- ROOTED
Pastor Dwain Carter begins the  Main Street Series- SPIRITUAL URGENCY
October 4, 2020
Jim Harries 
Jim Harris- The Blessing
Dwain Cater
Dwain Carter talks about the Vine and the branches…
Gerb brings us back to reality with the Word. We do not have to respond as the world does. How are we living and responding to today’s circumstances? 
Mr. Jim Harris talks about a personal relationship with the Lord. The Bible is a personal love letter written just for you and I. 
August 2, 2020
No audio of message- Missionary Partners [The Bannerts] tells what the Lord has been doing in Serbia 
Dwain Carter 
Justin Poenisch continued  his series on a Distracted Nation. What are we, personally, doing to change this?
Justin Poenisch talks about a living in a distracted nation. What are we, as a church, doing to change this?
Bro Jim Furgerson brings a message of hope and promise this 4th of July. Reminding us of the foundation for which the United 
States was founded on, faith of men coming together to seek the Lord for direction and discernment. 
Bro Jim Harris shares a word about gifts from the Bible. We ALL have a gift or more then likely, more then one, what are we doing with that gift? 
Dwain Carter of Texas Baptist Men brings a stark reminder of what our role is a Christian in a fallen and dark world. Are we truly doing as Jesus instructed?
Bro Jim Furgerson reads from John 15:12-27. The greatest command Jesus leaves his disciples; LOVE one another as I have loved you. 
Tim Williams of South Texas Children’s Home tells us a little about what they but more about “where do we go from here”. What does the Bible say about trials and tribulations. 
Jim Harris talks about G.R.I.T
Giving Relationships Integrity and Teamwork… What the Bible say about each of these things and how they apply to our life. 
Nathan “Gerb” Gerber of Camp Zephyr reminds us of what the scripture says to live with conviction. Living a life that reflects the Gospel and not being impacted by the things of  the world. How can we possibly live a life with real joy, real forgiveness and real love towards others and ourselves. 
Dwain Carter of Texas Baptist Men
Ben Hanna, San Antonio Ministry Partner
Dave Cotham, of Majesty Outdoors, leads us through the many times Jesus tells us not to worry.
Bro Loren Fast reminds us that storms are inevitable but God’s words leads us through them. Be still…
Bro George Turner leads us on a journey through God’s word.
After some technical difficulties, Bro Jim Furgerson leads us in a beautiful service and Lord’s Supper.
Mr. Jim Harris, McISD Ag Teacher and Spiritual Mentor
Karl and Julie Bannert, Surbia Missionary Partners 
Brother Loren Fast, Director of Missions with the Trio River Baptist Association