Our Mission & Vision

We are committed to being “REAL PEOPLE, MEETING REAL NEEDS IN JESUS’ NAME” as we work to fulfill the Great Commandment & the Great Commission.


Brother Ken Bailey, Pastor
  Ken and his wife Sue come to Tilden from Colorado although Ken is a native Texan. The Bailey’s both have a background in education; Sue teaches 3rd grade still today. Ken spent many years as a basketball coach and educator but quickly discovered his passion for ministry, even though it was always present in his coaching as well. They have traveled all over the world serving and sharing the gospel where ever the Lord takes them. Ken’s short time in McMullen has certainly been impactful. His connection with youth has paved the way with many kids being saved. What may start off as simply shooting hoops at the court, may very well lead to more then a basketball dunk… a dunk in the baptismal. Ken weeps for the lost and loves his community so much that avoiding or sugar coating the truth just doesn’t work, living an “ok” life isn’t enough. Ken wants everyone to live a life in FULL with the Holy Spirit and he’s out to boldly see that happen. 

Jennifer Wheat, Minister of Discipleship

Jennifer and her husband, Chad, have been married 17 years and have both a son and daughter. Raw and real are what Jennifer leads her ministry with. Years of feeling she needed keep a pretty mask up so that life’s scars didn’t show to the world around her, only led to depression and feelings of anxiety and no self worth. Jennifer has always loved the Lord but never allowed herself to be real and vulnerable until she broke completely at the feet of Jesus. It was then that Jennifer removed the mask, bared the scars and allowed the world to hear her story. The best way to share the Gospel is to share what Jesus had done for us, and Jennifer prides herself in that. 


Jennilee Naylor, Ministry Assistant

Jennilee and her family are not strangers to the McMullen County area. Her two daughters attend McMullen ISD where both are athletes in Volley Ball and Basketball. She and her husband, James, will soon celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.  Jennilee’s testimony and her heart for the Lord guide her in the everyday task it takes to make a Ministry Office successful. She is compassionate and humble towards all who enter through the doors. 
Jennilee is leading two Ladies Life Groups and believes in keeping it real when diving into the word. She has never been one to pretend to know all the answers but certainly knows who holds them all and loves to lead everyone to HIM. 






What We Believe:

Baptist Faith & Message 1963